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This section is under construction
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Welcome!  This section was re-organized and from 6 original pages there are now twelve.  It is still in "preview stage."
Update 2009:  Re-categorization still in progress.  Updates to several pages done, titles added.  Though not very precise in many cases, the order seems to make enough sense that whatever your specific area of study or interest, you should be able to find whatever relevant information is here.
To say that there is often overlap between the categories is a monumental understatement.  Volumes are listed chronologically and categorized on a best perceived match basis.  Pretty coffee table books and tediously serious references on the same page was sometimes unavoidable.  Most but not all of these titles have been seen... please send your informed suggestion, if you find anything out of place.  There are no notes.  It's left for you to research the content.
book photo Biographical
book photo Beginner's Guides
Youth Oriented
Classroom Materials
Lit. Notes
book photo Tolkien and the Inklings
book photo Encyclopedic, Maps
and Reading Guides
book photo Bibliography, Collector Guides,
Language Studies
book photo Chapbooks, Pamphlets, Catalogs
Literary Criticism and History
book photo Collected
Essays and articles
book photo General
Approaches to reading the texts, primarily covering Tolkien himself and Middle-Earth.
book photo Historical Perspective
Myth creation, sources and inspirations for Middle-Earth, and medieval studies
book photo Universal Perspective
Religion, spirituality, philosophy, ethics, morality, theology.
book photo Everything Else
Works which refused to be pigeon-holed, and some fan-produced volumes.
book photo Tolkien on Film
Vintage, cultural studies, and the Peter Jackson films