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Houghton Mifflin Hardcovers
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First American Edition  1954-56
Blue cloth boards, gilt lettering, DJ, fold out maps.  13 or 14 impressions.  Early printings used sheets imported from George Allen and Unwin, UK.  1954-6 RRP $5.00.
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Revised Second Edition   1965
The Library of Congress record date corresponds to the actual first printing date of 1967.  The first impression claims a copyright date of 1966, while all later printings claim 1965.  Impression numbers but no printing dates are given - except in first printings.  An early impression would have no ISBN, but may be listed under one of the ISBNs below.  Original RRP $6.00 per volume.
All have dust jackets, black cloth covered boards, gilt Eye of Sauron Devices and spine lettering, top stain to match the color of the gilt device on the front cover, and tipped-in maps.  These were sold individually or as slipcased sets, and were made available as book club editions.  The only difference between BCE and trade editions was that the dust jackets of BCEs were not priced;  they are the exact same books, printed and bound by HMCo and sold to the club.  Some entire printings were consigned to BOMC (4th/3rd/3rd and 12th/11tth/11th almost certainly were; probably 16th/15th/15th as well).  Most printings have been found in either priced or unpriced jackets.
The first state boxed set had a black slipcase with a red pastedown, dust jackets designed by Robert Quackenbush, and 12 or 13 impressions were issued in them.
The second state red box set is exactly the same as previous printings except for the slipcase color, 13th/12th/12th or 14th/13th/13th impressions.  RRP $9.95. 
The white "signature set" followed in 1978, 14th/13th/13th printings have been seen in BCE sets.  The books were much the same, with a different style of text on the spine, a green theme rather than red for decoration of The Two Towers, and a somewhat deeper orange top stain for The Fellowship of the Ring.  Several printings of this state were issued, 1978 - 1986.  RRP for 15th/14th/14th trade edition copies was $10.95.
In 1987, a new text revision was introduced, and though the cover and slipcase styles were similar, this set was sold without dust jackets, at RRP $43.35/set -according to Hammond & Anderson.
ISBN:  0395082544, 0395082552, 0395082560
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1981 Silver Anniversary Edition 
Silver leatherette, red foil lettering and design (very cool triptych on spines), red marble page edges, black slipcase.  All copies are stated first printings of the Silver Anniversary Edition, and 17th printings of the 2nd revised edition, though 17th printings of The Fellowship of the Ring have been found, in standard black cloth, in unpriced "signature" sets.  From this 17th printing on, Fellowship is no longer ahead by one impression.
ISBN:  0395312671, 0395312663, 039531268X
Box:  0395308550
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Easton Press Leatherbound Edition,   1984
Fine binding, ribbed spines, full leather.  AEG in 22k gold, gilt title and cover embellishments.  Decorative moire cloth end papers, ribbon page marker, frontispiece art by Michael Hague.  Available only in a set with The Hobbit and The Silmarillion from eastonpressbooks.com.
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Cover art by Alan Lee
Brown cloth, DJ, slipcase, maps.  The gilt Eye of Sauron devices are in gold and red for all volumes, and are not as clear and sharp as previous issues.  Book club editions with these ISBNs are quarter cloth with paper covered boards, also foil embossed.  The jackets and box are wonderful, but the book quality is far inferior to other hardcovers printed to date.
ISBN:  0395489318, 0395489334, 039548930X
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1988 (1992)
Cover art by Alan Lee
The separate listing for the new ISBN is mostly for the sake of clarity.  These are exactly the same as above, only with minor jacket design changes which make them appear slightly smaller, stouter and heavier (they are not).  1992 issues had a small Tolkien Centenary logo on the slipcase.  Still available new.  RRP $65.00
ISBN:  039564738X, 0395647398, 0395647401
Box:  0395489326
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Millennium Edition 1999
Seven Volumes, slipcase, limited edition, out of print.  A flashy keepsake edition issued to celebrate the work hailed as "The Book of the Century".  The glossy black paper covers come new out of the box with light rub marks, and the books would not stand up to heavy use, but this is highly collectible; for the novelty and the stand-alone index.  The volumes were not sold separately, but the individual ISBNs are shown anyway.  RRP $70.00
ISBN:  0618037667
0618042202  0618042210  0618042229  0618042237  0618042245  0618042253  0618042261
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Film Art covers
Cloth, DJ, slipcased, maps.  Out of print,  RRP $65.00
ISBN:  0618153985, 0618153993, 0618154000
Box:  0618153977
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First Illustrated Edition, 2002
Illustrations by Alan Lee
Red cloth boards, gilt lettering, DJ, slipcase, 50 color plates,  and possibly the most attractive trade set ever made.  Beautiful, high quality and fully illustrated, this baby weighs over 10 pounds.
Out of print.  RRP  $80.00 - $100.00
ISBN:  061826051X, 0618260595, 0618260552
Box:  0618260587
Other Hardcovers
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Thorndike Press   2003
Large Print Library Binding Edition, only RotK is still available new.
ISBN:  0786251786, 0786251751, 078625176X
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Mass Market PB School & Library Binding Edition
Sagebrush / Econo-Clad Books / Tandem Library / Topeka Bindery - the name of the re-binder changes, but the ISBN has not since 1999, and these are always available new.  These are simply Ballantine or Del Rey paperbacks pasted into durable covers - for the purpose of getting as much use out of an inexpensive paperback as possible.  If you can find a used copy, it is of course likely to be ex-library, and very battered.  New copies from the binder or distributor may have cover art that is behind the times by a few years, and the print quality of that art will likely be poor.  One might not expect these to be collectible, though the early 70's set shown sold at auction for 1.5 times the average rate for a set of 1st MMPB printings - go fig.  Current RRP $19.65 each.
ISBN:  0808520768, 0808520903, 0808520857